Friday, January 05, 2007

Betta Fish Tank Tips

The key to having a successful betta fish tank is that you need to learn how to control the atmosphere for the fish. Here are a couple tips about your betta fish aquarium:

Unlike most fish, a Betta breathes air by going up to the surface of the water which means it is not necessary to have any airpump, filtration, or aeration at all in their tank. Although you won't have to buy a large, expensive aquarium for this fish, you should never keep a betta fish in a small tank either. Make sure the betta fish tank or bowl that you keep your Betta in is big enough so that he can swim around and not bump or tear his fins or scales.

When it comes to a betta fish tank, you need to keep in mind of the temperature, hardness, and ammonia levels. As for the temperature it should be somewhere between 75-85*F. The pH levels should stay between 6.8-7.4 and the hardness can go up to 20 dGH.

Another point to remember when it comes to caring for your Betta fish is to not over-feed them. They will not eat much at one time and if you feed them to much the remaining food will fall to the bottom and muck up their bowl.